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GUITAR SHOP TEES presents limited edition T-shirts from iconic guitar shops from around the globe. There is no better way to show your love all things guitar than when you become a member of GUITAR SHOP TEES!
Each month, GST members receive an exclusive package featuring one of the world's very best guitar shops. Once the limited edition T-shirt (and extras included in the shipment) is delivered, this one-of-a-kind T-shirt is retired forever.
What is Guitar Shop Tees?
GUITAR SHOP TEES is the T-shirt club created and designed specifically for guitar players, fans and collectors. GST brings notable shops - known for their place in music history, their killer vintage and curated collections, and are must-see destinations at the top every guitarists pilgrimage list - right to your door.

How do I place an order?

Becoming a member is easy. At, you start by choosing your package (monthly, 3 month, 6 month or one year), pick your size, make your payment and you are all set.


What do I get?

Each month you will receive a limited edition, high-quality t-shirt celebrating an iconic, noteworthy and awesome guitar shop. And maybe some extra stuff*.


*Members may get some top secret stuff…we'd tell you what but that would ruin the surprise. Did we mention that it's top secret?


What does it cost?

We offer four different subscription plans - Month-to Month, Three MonthsSix Months and Twelve Months.


The Month-to-Month plan starts at $25 per month, which includes shipping and handling*.  PAY AS YOU GO.  Each month you'll be charged the same amount on the same date of the month you signed up. You can cancel at anytime. There is an additional $10 per month for shipping outside the United States. 


PRE-PAID COMPLETE SUBSCRIPTION packages start at a cost $25 per shirt*,  with free shipping inside the USA!


The Three Month starts at a one time upfront cost $75*. This fee does NOT auto-renew.


The Six Month package includes 6 months of great guitar shop shirts PLUS you get one FREE T-shirt! A total of 7 shirts over 7 months! Package starts at a one time upfront cost $150*. This fee does NOT auto-renew. 


The Twelve Month package delivers you a year of awesome tees PLUS you get 2 FREE T-shirts! A total of 14 shirts over 14 months. Package starts at a one time upfront cost $300*. This fee does NOT auto-renew. 


*Hey Big Guys = If you're looking for larger sizes we have them...BUT...we have to add a few bucks to your monthly subscription costs. ($2 for 2XL, $3 for 3XL and $5 for 4XL).


Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes we do! But for our international friends, we will have to add an additional $15 shipping per month to get your packages to you.


How do I get my T-shirts?

Your T-shirts will be delivered right to your mailbox each month via United States Postal Service (USPS). Once you join GST, you should expect to receive the next month's T-shirt just days after the start of the month.


When can I expect to receive my T-shirt each month?

Monthly subscribers can expect to receive their packages to be delivered by the USPS by end of the first week/beginning of the second week of the month.  Pre-paid packages (the 3,6, and 12-month memberships) go out as close to the first of the month as possible. HOWEVER, due to weekends, holidays and weather, shipments might sometimes be delayed by a day or two.  But rest assured, you will receive them!


If you are a Month-to-Month subscriber, your package ships once your recurring charge is completed.  If you sign up for the Month-to-Month plan BEFORE the 15th of the current month you may receive that month's featured shop (depending on availability). If you sign up AFTER the 15th of the month you will be scheduled start your subscription with the following month's featured shirt.


What is the difference between CLASSIC and VINTAGE?

We offer two styles CLASSIC and VINTAGE. Our signature VINTAGE fit shirts are a super-soft, 30-single (4.2 oz.) t-shirt.  The shirts may vary between 100% combed and ring-spun cotton and a heather blend (52/48). The VINTAGE shirt is "retail fit" which translates to "on the smaller side" so size up.  


Our CLASSIC fit shirts are 100% preshrunk heavy cotton (6.0 oz.). ​The CLASSIC shirt provides a traditional wider fit. If you need or prefer a little more room this is your best option. The VINTAGE style are side-seamed which  are cut smaller and more tapered.


When do you charge MONTHLY subscribers each month?

Each month you'll be charged the same amount on the anniversary date of the month you signed up.  So if you first subscribed on the 12th then your account will be charged on that same date each month.

Can I buy a specific T-shirt from a specific shop?

Sorry we do not sell individual shop tees outside of the subscription. Each month we feature one iconic shop. Once the month is up, the T-shirt is retired. No more. Finito. Gone-ski. Bye Bye. So it's best to get in for the long haul... you don't want to miss out on what's on the way.


Can I order an old shirt from a previous month?

All of our shirts are limited edition and are available ONLY in the month that they are featured.  After that point they are no longer available. We apologize but you cannot order old shirts. 


Can I send someone a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely!  GUITAR SHOP TEES makes a great gift.  Simply proceed to purchase a subscription and select the order as a GIFT when prompted. We do not and will not notify the receiver prior to delivery.  It's your gift to give, not ours.  We do include a card that tells them you sent them the subscription with their FIRST shirt.

If I RENEW a subscription will I get the same shirts again?

Never!  GUITAR SHOP TEES monthly packages are limited run.  We will NEVER EVER EVER repeat a shop in our ongoing subscription program.  Once the shirt is featured for the specific month that shirt is then gone.  In addition, we have this really cool database and shipping inventory system and we keep track of every shirt your or our gift receipent has ever been sent.  So no worries.

Are all of the T-shirts black?

The shirt colors and designs are determined in association with each shop. Every month they range in color - but in no way are they all black.  In the past the T-shirts have been Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, White, Forest, Hunter, Heather Gray, Gun Metal Gray, Red, Olive Green, Military Green, Indigo, Silver, Vintage Black and good old Solid Black.


Can you make all of my T-shirts black?

Frankly, no.  This is not an option.  May we suggest adding some color to your life?  (By the way, Hendrix, Page, Van Halen, Vaughn and just about everyone who played guitar wore a different color from time to time.  Except Johnny Cash...but he was Johnny Cash. Come on now...)

What if I destroy my shirt in the wash or some other freakish accident?

We will always try to come to the rescue if you experience a seam issue upon initial wash or wear. You can send us an email at Please include photos and a description of the damage and/or incident. If you follow the care instructions and don't drag your shirts on the road behind your car your shirt should last you for years to come. However if you burn, rip, cut or otherwise wreck a shirt you've had for a while - should be more careful, I guess.


How do I submit a change of address?

Simply send an email to  Include your name, old address and new address.  You will receive a confirmation email once your account is updated. 


How can I change my T-shirt size?

To change your T-shirt size, please send an email to  Please include your name, address and requested t-shirt size. You will receive a confirmation email once your account is updated.  Your size change will be reflected in your next month's delivery.


How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Although we hate to see you leave, canceling your membership to GUITAR SHOP TEES is simple. Send us an email at and provide us with the email you used for your membership. It would also help us out if you shared your thoughts about your subscription and explained your reasons for leaving. We are constantly working on improving the quality of our club and your feedback is critical to us addressing any issues.

If I do not like my shirt can I return or exchange it?

Due to the custom and exclusive nature of this program, we do not accept RETURNS or EXCHANGES. If you are not happy with the shirt size for your subscription, we can update the setting for the shirt size you receive for future subscription shipments, just email us at with the request, and we'll get that updated. Please email us at with any questions. GUITAR SHOP TEES is basically a blind grab bag subscription.  Think of it like a magazine subscription You get what you get (and hopefully you don't get upset).  We hope you will give us the chance to send you what may become you next favorite t-shirt. 


Who chooses the shops?

We’ve been there, you’ve been there….The independent guitar shops that GST showcases each month are carefully selected by our team of guitar know-it-alls, players, touring musicians and collectors, for their history, knowledge, customer service, and stellar reputations.   


Can I recommend an awesome guitar/music shop?

Definitely!  Know a great shop? A best kept secret? Seen Slash, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards or Jimmy Page hanging around back? Let us know. We enjoy discovering great independent music shops. Please send an email to us at and let us know the name, location and any info on the shop (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc). 


Thank you for your support!

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