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It all started with a cup of coffee...


I was walking down the street in my hometown going to get my morning cup of coffee and a stranger stopped me.  He pointed to my t-shirt and asked me "Where did you get that?" It was a t-shirt from Norman's Rare Guitars in Tarzana California - one of my favorite shops to visit. I told him, "Norman's". He exclaimed, "I love that shirt! I have to have that shirt! Do they have a website? Do they sell them?" I suggested he do a little Google search as I wasn't about to give him the shirt off my back (literally).


Later that day it hit me.  I thought, "How cool would it be to have a place that provided 'must-have' shirts from great shops from all over the country -- or even the world"?  I had been to many, if not most...hmmm.


I mentioned the idea to a friend and before you know it a website was built and I was on the phone with many of my favorite shop owners - Guitar Shop Tees had taken flight. We were airborne.


It is impossible to deny that the independent guitar shop is an integral part of our local communities.  It is where you may have found and purchased your favorite guitar. It is where you pop in to get your strings, your straps, cables and picks.  It is where you get your guitar serviced and set up. It is where you may take lessons or pick up a guitar magazine. It is where you can experience real guitars (most of the time outside of your budget) surrounded by people just like YOU. My local independent guitar shop has played an important part in my life. So much so that it was the reason I visited so many shops in the first place.

The idea behind Guitar Shop Tees is simple.  Provide cool, quality t-shirts to like-minded guitar players and fans while celebrating the great guitar shops and their dedicated owners and staff.  After all, it is these people who have dedicated their lives and livelihood to our collective love of music and the guitar.


So each month we take you on our collective 'road trip' and provide our subscribers a token of an amazing guitar shop, one that you should know if you don't already.   

The designs are all created by and with each individual guitar shop.  But each package is more than just a t-shirt.  We like to think of it as an 'experience'. Yes, there is a great limited edition t-shirt, but each package contains much more - an introduction to the featured shop along with great extras as well as special offers from our friends and partners.  It's a care package from your guitar-crazed friend who went to an amazing guitar store that you have to check out.  The experience is personal, from the shop selection all the way to the final packaging, our team puts their all into making each and every package worth receiving. 

And, along the way, we support and honor great local businesses who work tirelessly towards something they love.  

Thank you for checking out Guitar Shop Tees.  We hope that you will join us and see what all the buzz is about.  

Stay tuned!


Guitar Shop Tees




It’s no secret that music can help you feel better. That’s why Musicians On Call brings music to the people that need it most – hospital patients. Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities - delivering the healing power of music. By providing live, in-room performances to patients undergoing treatment or unable to leave their beds, they add a dose of joy to life in a healthcare facility. Since 1999, their volunteer musicians have performed for nearly half a million patients and their families - and counting! With your help, they can do even more. Learn more about this amazing organization at


Long Island Cares - the Harry Chapin Regional Food Bank was founded in 1980 by the late singer/activist Harry Chapin in response to the needs of hungry Long Islanders. Approximately 283,700 people on Long Island receive emergency food each year - 64,900 people every week..

Long Island Cares serves more than 374 member agencies operating 567 programs: food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, group homes, day treatment facilities, senior nutrition sites and day care centers. Long Island Cares is by far the single most important source of food for agencies with emergency food providers, accounting for 69% of the food distributed by pantries, 39% of the food distributed by kitchens and 45% of the food distributed by shelters.  Learn more about this incredible organization at



Making our product responsibly and ethically is of utmost importance to us.  Thank you for your support as we continue to demonstrate ethical manufacturing is possible.

Leading by example, one T-Shirt at a time.

NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants, is the not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music. Their vision to strengthen the global music products industry has successfully attracted a growing, thriving worldwide community of thousands of deeply passionate, talented companies that make, buy and sell the instruments that allow millions of people of all ages to make music. Guitar Shop Tees is a proud and active member of NAMM.



Special thanks to:


Shari, Jason & Matthew, Milly & Rich, the amazing and incomparable Joy, the incredible team at The Screening Process, KP, Dubin, S.E.M., Anthony Carone, Dave Diamond, Josh Rosenthal, Greg Romano, Bert LeCato & the crew at inTuneGP, Chris Carrabba, Zach Phillips, Chris Farinas, Jon Brudner, Jason Perl, Jeff Kitts, Bill Amstutz, Anna Blumenthal, James Jiskra, Alan Greenwald, Duane Evarts, Pete Griffin, Kat Maskeroni, Dick Boak, Guy Brogna, James Schultz, Ray Aleshire, Stan Werbin, Buzzy Levine, Greg Henderson, Howie Statland, Paul Decker, Brian Douglas, Shai Askenazi, Liz Whittrock, Brady Seals, Chris Bennett, Alex Allgood, John Bertsche, Tom Dubas, Jay Wolfe, Bill Goldstein, Rudy Pensa, Stephanie Pensa, Ken Daniels, Charlie Bilirus, Jim Singleton, Mark Smith, Brett Mulzer, Dave Parks, Alex Gray, Jane Hamel, Will Lowe, Ed Lowe, Fred Oster, Catherine Jacobs, Tommy Steinley, Brian Meader, Andrew Bell, Kyle Bailey, Carlo Gonzalez, Eric "Chaz" Czechanski, Joe Caruso, Frank Gross, Adrian Osmar, Nate Westgor, Pat Rice, Bob Willcutt, John Reynolds, John & Russell Pompeo, Dave Hinson, Scott Engel, Walt McGraw, Al & Linda Lieberman, Corey Martel, Matt Kappenman, Heath Berkowitz, Mark Ross, Ryan & Angela Lawley, Paul Hvidsten, Chris Broadwell, Alan Levin, Adam Levin, Brent Ferguson, Tim Parnin, Lindsay Petsch, Artie Leider, Rick Tedesco, Eric Whorton, "Uncle" Kit Simon, Tom Yecheskeli, Amy England, Sal and Tom Barone, Kevin Harmon, Dale & Tyler Unger, Connor Grayson, Martin Karlik, David Williams, Jeff Frohman, Rob Schlautman, Jeff Keithline, Mike Samos, Alex Whitman, Tom Crandall, Marcus LaVake, Matthew Liveriadis, Leire Baztarrica, CJ Hockenbury,  Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro, Chris Moran, Cindy Cook, Rand Cook, Frank and Shawn Gorelik, Andrew Johnson, Michael Krasovech, Mike McAfee, Maarten Dispa, Phil Drinnan, Jason Tagg, Paige Davidson, Tony Lawson, Rob Harris, Blaine McNamee, Randy Luna, Val Lichtenstein, Tracy Estes, Nate Corning, Mark Levkowitz, Mark Blasko, Paul DeCourcey, Jay Richard, Björn Schmelter & Jvo Trachsel, TJ Hiemel, Rob Mondi, Frank Agnello, David Sabbagh, Eric Stollsteimer, Hank Failing, Marelene and the Daoust Family, Vic Stuhr, Chris Tatalias, Jeff McNicol, Howard Gittli, Vince Minton, Randy Hake, Chad & Donna Ward, Brenner Hinner, Justin Fleser, Levi Adrianson, Anthony Tomaino, Elena Tabb, Scott Marquart, Mike McAfee, Brian Vance and the team at D'Addario, Rachel Steele at Sirius XM, the dedicated staff at Musicians On Call, Long Island Cares Inc, the Harry Chapin Food Bank, NAMM, Bee 3 Vintage, our mailman, and to everyone who has ever 'snagged the bag' and looked forward to a Guitar Shop Tees package! 


And an extra special THANK YOU to Mark Agnesi (formerly of Norman's Rare Guitars) who not only gave me an killer tour of an amazing collection of guitars but also sold me a great t-shirt that started it all.


In loving memory of our dear friend and collaborator Michael Dachs.  Rest easy. We miss you.

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