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Please note:  The shirt pictured is from a previous month and is no longer available. Your first package will include the latest featured shirt (not pictured - why ruin the surprise?). 

*Monthly subscribers will be charged on the anniversary date of when you signed up.  So, if you subscribed on the 12th, each month your card will be charged on that date.


** 4XL is not available on the MONTH-TO-MONTH plan option.

*** All U.S. orders include shipping and handing. All International shipping  will require an additional charge.



$25 per month**

Get a new limited edition Guitar Shop T-Shirt every month.


Our MONTH-TO-MONTH option let's you pay as you go.


Once you subscribe we send you a new package each month including the featured t-shirt of the month along with great extras and special offers.


We will automatically charge you each month, so you can sit back and watch your mailbox. 


No worries - you can cancel at any time.


Available in our signature VINTAGE t-shirt as well as our heavy weight CLASSIC t-shirt option in all sizes (Small through 3XL. 4XL is not available on the MONTH-TO-MONTH plan option*).  

The VINTAGE style is cut smaller whereas the CLASSIC provides a wider fit.


T-Shirt colors vary from month to month based on the guitar shop designs.

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