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6 MONTH PLAN plus 1 FREE  
Package starts at a one time payment $150* USD

Our extra value package.  Makes a great gift for yourself or your favorite guitarist!


Our 6 MONTH PLAN  gets you a SEVEN MONTHS of our exclusive guitar shop packages.

Each package shipped to you will include the month's featured t-shirt along with great extras and special offers. 


This is a ONE TIME charge with NO automatic renewal.


Available in our signature VINTAGE t-shirt as well as our heavy weight CLASSIC t-shirt option in all sizes (Small through 4XL*).

The VINTAGE style is cut smaller whereas the CLASSIC provides a wider fit.


T-Shirt colors vary from month to month based on the guitar shop designs.

Please note:  The shirts pictured are from previous months and are no longer available. Your first package will include the latest featured shirt (not pictured - why ruin the surprise?). 


* There will be an additional charge added to sizes 2XL, 3XL and 4XL. 

** All U.S. orders include shipping and handing. All International shipping will require an additional charge.


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