JULY 2021


There are so many fantastic things to see at Mike’s Music & Sound in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin that they should consider renaming the town FUN Du Lac!

Upon arriving at the store, try naming all of the legendary musicians honored on the outside mural. And, once you step inside the 5,000 square ft. shop, which incredible guitar will you test out first? Fender, Gretsch, Jackson, Marshall, Charvel, EVH, Jasper Guitar Company, Godin, Seagull, Recording King, Kala? They’ve got them all! Lastly, don’t be alarmed if two people wearing matching track suits or white lab coats offer their help -- simply say hi to Andrew Johnson and Jeremy Helbling, the owners of the shop.


Mike Soffa is the original “Mike,” who founded the shop (a 20’ x 20’ storefront) in 1974. When he retired in 2002, he sold it to Dan and Jim Gilgenbach, who owned it from 2002-2019. In 2020, and three locations later, Andrew and Jeremy, both longtime employees of Mike’s and both guitar players who have concentrated their musical aspirations on writing and recording albums for over 30 years, bought the shop from the Gilgenbach family. 

The new owners’ goal is to listen to the customers, meet them right where they are in their musical journeys, and help guide them toward success. They also promise to keep Mike’s “a traditional Mom and Pop store that leans a little rock and roll.”