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JULY 2023


810 Worcester Street 

Natick, MA 01760

508) 647-6874

“Never the Same Store Twice” is one of Music Go Round’s favorite mottos.


If you’ve seen a Music Go Round in your area, they’re part of a franchise system -- every location is individually owned and operated, with training, operations, and marketing support provided so that each franchisee can grow a successful stand-alone business. 


Victor Stuhr has worked at Music Go Round since 1998 -- in sales, in corporate, and since 2011, in partnership with Phillip Chernin at their Natick, Massachusetts location. Together, their shop has become the largest used guitar dealer in New England. Music Go Round buys, sells, and trades used music instruments, and has up to 750 pieces of gear coming through their doors each month. Their inventory changes every night, and customers have often learned the hard lesson of "You snooze, you lose."


“You can come into the shop three times a week and see different gear every time,” says Victor, a guitarist who has previously played guitar and bass in bands and now plays for the perfect escape (and who has over 30+ years of retail experience). “Every day new gear is hitting the floor. We have inventory like no other.” And providing a fun, friendly and honest business for their local customers to easily sell and trade their music gear is their main goal. They’re dedicated to keeping the “Real Music Store” experience alive for years to come.

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