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JUNE 2022


107 N 16th St
Herrin, IL 62948

(618) 988-0934


Tracy Estes, owner of The Zombie Guitar Company in Herrin, Illinois has Marty McFly to thank for his love of guitars!

When Tracy first saw Michael J. Fox’s iconic character rock out to “Johnny B. Goode” in the 80’s classic “Back to the Future,” he was instantly hooked. His dad, who shared both his love of music and monster movies, took him to guitar lessons, where his teacher taught him how to play – and play loud.


Years later, this Southern Illinois native noticed that music was dying in his town – no one was playing guitar anymore, and there were no concerts to go to. While checking out the only music store -- a piano shop that carried a handful of guitars and gear – Tracy plugged one into an amp and was enthralled at how they allowed guitars to be loud – and created stronger sounds, tone, and effects. His obsession for the instrument became “alive.”


The Zombie Guitar Company opened its doors in October 2017. Tracy founded the shop in honor of his father, who cultivated his love of music and passed from cancer earlier that year. Today, the shop is packed with hundreds of guitars lining the floor and walls, and proudly carries Gretsch (they’re they largest dealer in Southern Illinois), LTD, EVH, Vox, Blackstar, and Schecter guitars. Zombie also offers full service guitar and amp repair, and even refitted a candy machine so their growing music community can purchase strings and picks 24/7.

In addition to the “Zombie” name being a nod to Tracy and his dad’s shared love of monster movies – the shop hopes to revive the town with more live music while supporting local musicians, shouting their righteous motto, "Bringing your love of guitar back to life!" 

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