Tom Crandall is one of the top guitar restoration experts. Alex Whitman is well known for his keen knowledge of vintage guitars. They met and worked together for many years at Matt Umanov Guitars in Greenwich Village. And, in 2013, they decided to combine their 40 years of experience buying, selling, trading, and repairing guitars, and opened TR Crandall Guitars in the East Village (it has since moved to the famed Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side). 

TR Crandall was instantly known for having a beautifully curated collection of one-of-a-kind or “few-of-a-kind” vintage guitars, each one carefully restored by Tom before displaying them for sale. Tom and Alex will not only give you the history of each and every guitar, they’ll also guarantee that anytime a collector or musician walks through the shop’s doors, they’ll find jaw-dropping guitars that they’ve never seen before. On any given day, you’ll see Gibsons from as far back as 1930, an 1894 Martin 1-26 (1894!), a 1955 Fender Telecaster, a 1958 Gretsch Country Club, a 1969 Rickenbacker 381, among dozens of drool-worthy beauties.


According to Tom, “Alex and I decided that we wanted to create a refuge of sorts where the emphasis was on acoustic instruments. We also decided to keep our collection very tightly curated so that each instrument has an impact; it’s like a palette of sounds to choose from. Hence, our store has a clean, uncluttered look which redefines the guitar shop experience.”