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MARCH 2023


401 W Coleman Blvd

Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

 (843) 352-2816

Guitars and dogs are man’s best friends. So when John Campi opened Rusty’s Cool Guitars in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina in 2014, he named the shop after Rusty, a 14-year-old poodle mix he and his wife rescued from a New Jersey shelter. 


In 2022, after several successful years featuring hand-built boutique instruments, a shop expansion, and dozens of philanthropic endeavors, John sold the stop to frequent customer David Sabbagh. 

David started playing the saxophone in middle school “and quickly realized that the guitar was way cooler.” He’s amassed a healthy guitar collection and amps (“probably more than I need”). Last year, on one of David’s many visits, John told him he was closing the shop and said, "Why don't you just buy the store, then I won't have to shut it down." David laughed and walked out, but quickly realized the amazing opportunity, and is proud to carry on John and Rusty’s excellent reputation.


Along with the shop’s new store manager, Christopher Andrews (David refers to him as the “Resident Pro”), the duo plan on making it the "Coolest Guitar Shop" in the Lowcountry, providing killer gear to people who love to play and welcoming players of all levels and styles.


Rusty’s carries boutique brands including Kauer, Palir, Heritage, Luxxtone, B&G, Maton, Eastman, Huss & Dalton, Maton, Rebel Relic, Rock n Roll Relic, Strandberg, Seagull, Fano, Takamine, plus a few others. And make sure to check out The Stomp Shop for a pedal selection that rivals any in the business!

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