It’s a guitar shop. It’s a bar. It’s a music venue. It’s Strum in Portland, Oregon – and it has it all!

Prior to opening Strum in 2018, Michael Krasovech, the shop’s owner, was a performing/touring/recording artist based out of Chicago (and still performs locally whenever possible). As a working musician, he always felt connected to the “stuff” – he loved being around gear and having access to and buying instruments. Because of this, he designed Strum as an inviting, welcoming space for musicians and enthusiasts, complete with large windows, homey rugs, and a bar that serves locally sourced craft beer, wine and cider. 


And, as a parent of two, Strum would also be a hip, family-friendly shop that would expose his young children to music early and often. The shop's friendly environment encourages people of all ages to learn about music, connect with each other, be part of a vibrant community, and even take in a show with a performance from local artists in the music venue.

And of course, the shop is filled with handpicked selections of vintage and modern guitars, amps and effects from both well-known brands including Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Epiphone, and Taylor, as well as up and coming independents like Biasca, Harmony, and Kauer.

The next time you’re in Portland, grab a cider, find your perfect guitar, have a seat… and strum!

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