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Guitar Hangar is a family-owned musical instrument shop founded in October 1999 in Brookfield, CT. Owner Rick Tedesco opened Guitar Hangar in a small outbuilding in his backyard, where he successfully provided rare, vintage, and custom instruments to clients all over the world.

Rick has worked as a recording engineer, a producer, and as a working musician, playing with local bands and later performing with internationally known personalities, including Alice Cooper when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.

And, in 2014, after a group of dedicated customers said they wanted a more intimate guitar buying experience, Rick relocated and expanded Guitar Hangar to its new location.


The shop is a guitar lover’s dream – a 2,000-square foot high-end boutique with even more drool-worthy inventory that includes Gibson, Ibanez, Journey, Peter Nelson, Rainsong, Ernie Ball, Schecter, Supro, Breedlove, and many others. The shop also repairs guitars, gives lessons, buys, sells, trades, and take consignments.


When you visit Guitar Hangar, make sure to check out their monthly Open Jam Session, where players of all levels get on stage and connect with other musicians. You’ll see younger players jam with more experienced musicians, and older players who have the experience but can’t commit to a band get up there and have a rockin’ good time – it’s a terrific opportunity for all ages, all stages, all genres to test out the shop’s goods and take the stage!