APRIL 2021


Flippin’ Guitars in Haymarket, VA “flipped” their two-car garage into a go-to destination for musicians who want to turn their guitar gear from good to great.

Chris Moran originally turned the family garage into a band room for his son, Jason, and with a successful career as a mechanical engineer (designing “packaged electronics” including printers and racks of equipment), Chris was the perfect roadie, taking care of (and constantly improving) the band’s gear and sound needs. Word got out about this engineering whiz, and local bands and musicians began asking for Chris’ expert services. Once Jason was off to college in 2013, Chris and his wife Jan decided to convert their garage into Flippin’ Guitars, and business has been booming ever since. 


Although Chris does not actually play guitar, he uses his 30+ years of engineering experience and skills to not only approach how a guitar is build, but — using a CAD (computer aided-design) system to design a guitar’s routing template — he’ll masterfully refurbish, restore, upgrade, build and rebuild any gear, and will make any necessary tweaks with his customers on the spot, providing incredible and extremely personalized service. He’s customized and worked on over 1500 guitars, and unlike other shops, Chris supplies musicians with both used and new parts for them to build out their own gear – and encourages it!


Boards, builds, pickups – whatever musicians have in mind to make -- Flippin’ Guitars is up for it!